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AIM Water offer two very different but original solutions to your sludge dewatering needs that will challange conventional approach to the issue.

These revolutionary products offer many benefits in sludge dewatering never seen in our region before with new and innovative approach to what is often seen as a difficult issue in waste treatment.

Benefits:     Small Foot Prints
                     Supplied as Plug and Play
                     Fully Automatic
                     Minimal Energy Consumption
                     Low Maintenance
                     High Efficiency
                     Controlable Dryness and Throughput
                     Can be Mounted for Mobile Use


This compact fully automated press is capable of being programmed to operate for just a couple of hours or all day.  With the on board PLC your operator has the ability to tailor the press function to suit his needs with the confidence that will allow him to concentrate on other duties. 
Simplicity by design allows this press to be used virtually anywhere applying basic operation skills.  Under carriage clearance allows for a bulky bag or skip to collect the processed sludge cake without the need for additional conveyors. 
You need only supply air, water and power to have a functioning solution to your sludge processing needs.

Click here for more information:  ALPHA PRESS


This innovative approach to sludge dewatering offered by Prime Solution will challenge the way you look at your current needs.

The Rotary Fan Press is simplicity in motion offering a constant output which is expandable without limit.  Rugged in design, low energy and maintenance with ease of operation. 
This dewatering press will tick all the boxes.

Click here for more information:  ROTARY FAN PRESS








AIM WATER now have both the ALPHA PRESS & the PSI ROTARY FAN PRESS available for trail.                  We are buoyed by the positive responses to current trials.                             Contact us if you would like to run a trial on your site.  

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